Parcel Perform and AWS collaborate on improving delivery experience

Photo by Norma Mortenson from Pexels

Ever been kept waiting for your parcel to arrived? Parcel Perform has introduced a machine learning algorithm that reliably predicts date of arrival of any e-commerce delivery.

Developed in collaboration with Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab, the algorithm was trained on delivery pattern data from millions of past orders. This gives recipients accurate predictions of when their parcel will arrive, which is critical for improving the customer experience.

“With our Date of Arrival prediction, consumers now know when their parcel will arrive, instead of just where it is at the moment. This date of arrival prediction truly makes the difference to their delivery,” said Dr Arne Jeroschewski, Founder and CEO of Parcel Perform.

Delivery predictions essential

Today, 95 percent of logistics carriers do not provide this information to recipients. With consumers shopping online, providing delivery predictions before and after checkout is essential, and offers opportunities for retailers to differentiate their delivery experience.

Parcel Perform’s e-commerce customers want to leverage their fulfillment and shipment data, and convert it to a specific, time-bound promise delivery date.

Having started the cloud-native business on AWS infrastructure, the startup turned to AWS to help build a solution to this challenge. The collaboration has yielded a flexible, scalable solution that will help e-commerce customers.

“Combining our expertise in machine learning with the power of Amazon SageMaker, we were able to help build a solution that can scale to meet the needs of Parcel Perform’s e-commerce customers around the world,” said Michelle K Lee, Vice President of the ML Solutions Lab at AWS.