Infineon joins Zigbee alliance

Infineon Technologies has joined Zigbee Alliance’s working group Connected Home over IP (Chip) to help define security features that are easy to integrate for manufacturers and easy to use for consumers.

Chip aims to increase compatibility among smart home products. A Chip-based device will be preloaded with software and credentials that prove its unique identity and certification status.

Connecting it to the smart home is just a matter of scanning a QR code and pairing the device. The newly paired device can then be controlled with the phone, a smart speaker or other connected devices in the smart home.

“We are convinced that Project Chip as an industry-wide standardisation effort has the power to boost smart home device manufacturing and deployment. “Hardware security is second to none when it comes to protecting user’s privacy and data security. We have brought in all our expertise to securely and easily connect domestic life with the internet,” said Steve Hanna, Senior Principal of Infineon and lead of several security teams within the Chip Working Group.

With Chip, consumers will experience a new degree of professionalism when adding a new device into their home networks. From design to end of life, a device’s identity can now be stored and updated in hardware-based security. Hardware-based security can eliminate the use of unsecure passwords, maintain device integrity through protected firmware updates, and protect private data through state-of-the-art data encryption.

As part of the Chip working group, Infineon has been a leader in all major security teams, including those covering topics such as cryptographic primitives for encryption, device attestation and integrity, and the requirements for security certification of smart home devices.