YouBike Taiwan Improves customer service with conversational AI

YouBike has launched a smart customer service system based on conversational AI chatbot rechnology to enhance user experience.

Available round the clock online through personal devices, the TPIsoftware-designed chatbot aims to provide users with quick and easy access to information they need. These can range from bicycle locations, lost and found, and latest events, to FAQs and other services. Users can obtain all the information they need from chatbot conversations, improving customer satisfaction and enhancing the brand image.

Natural language understanding and machine learning combine to perform intent classification and entity recognition, allowing chatbots to understand conversation content, correctly grasp user needs, and process relevant information for corresponding services.

Fluent and flexible conversational services are made possible with the addition of FAQ and FLOW technologies, responsible for answering fixed-response questions with diverse inquiry word choices and obtaining end user information required to provide appropriate services through multi-round dialogue.

TPIsoftware employed its conversational AI solution, SysTalk.Chat, which fuses these technologies with human-computer interaction to maximise the human-like factor and ensure smooth conversation flow.