Infineon touts MEMS microphone improvements

Infineon Technologies has announced a next-generation Xensiv MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system) microphone IM73A135 that improves acoustical performance and power consumption.

The new microphone reduces the need to compromise on high signal-to-noise ratio, a small package, high acoustic overload point, low power consumption, MEMS comapred to electret condenser microphones (ECM).

It features tight frequency curve matching for effective audio signal processing and low power consumption of 170 microampere, allowing designers to reach a level of high audio performance restricted to ECMs while reaping the benefits inherent in MEMS technology.

Infineon’s new MEMS microphone offers excellent characteristics to enhance active noise cancellation in headphones, a market that will grow to about 250 million devices by 2025 with a compounded annual growth rate of 16 percent.

Additionally, the low self-noise makes the IM73A135 suitable for high-quality audio capturing required in conference systems, cameras and audio recorders — a market which is poised for significant growth.

According to research consultancy Omdia, Infineon is the market leader for MEMS microphones with 43.5 percent market share.

The IM73A135 will be incorporated in wearables to be launched by Infineon partners in the coming months.