Parler strikes back

Dealt with a killer blow, social media platform Parler has struck back at Amazon Web Services (AWS). It has filed a lawsuit against the cloud computing service provider for violating anti-trust law and breach of contractual agreement.

The move by AWS had essentially stopped Parler from operating amid claims of profilierating hate speech leading to the US Capitol riot last week.

For the same reasons, Apple and Google had earlier in the week removed Parler from their stores, rendering it impossible for new users to download the app.

The moves raise the concern of the role that Big Tech companies play in being kingmakers. With much of the world’s population hooked on social media, the chilling reality is that platforms are in control on what can and cannot be communicated according to their own terms and conditions.

This puts governments and countries at risk of being silenced completely or discussions on issues not aligned with the Big Tech companies’ beliefs being censored.

Photo: NOTAVANDAL on Unsplash