Parler returns

One month after it was hooked offline by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Parler has returned online.

In various reports, it seems that Parler’s lifeline came from SkySilk, a Los Angeles-based cloud platform. Its resurrection must have been greeted with joy by its more than 12 million users, many of whom are Trump supporters.

It was precisely becaue it was allegedly used by Trump supporters to instigate the Capitol invasion that prompted Apple and Google to pull the app from their stores, and AWS from its platform.

In a clear statement of intent on its website, Parler noted, “Speak freely and express yourself openly, without fear of being ‘deplatformed’ for your views. Engage with real people, not bots.”

Besides a new cloud platform, Parler also has an interim CEO at the helm. Mark Meckler of the Tea Party Patriots movement has taken over from John Matze, who was fired by the company’s board two weeks ago.

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