ForgeRock unlocks passwordless cloud migration

Moving to the cloud usually means more passwords are needed to authenticate and secure access. However, this is a major stumbling block for enterprises planning a cloud migration. New passwordless features in ForgeRock Identity Cloud will help enterprises overcome this problem.

These new features are particularly timely because of the business transformation brought about by the pandemic. With hybrid and remote working, enterprises have to thread a thin line between security and seamless user experience.

“Our customers are telling us they want to move away from passwords and go passwordless. But a move to cloud often means adding more passwords or forcing password resets, which is a bad experience for users,” said Peter Barker, Chief Product Officer of ForgeRock.

“With our new pass-through authentication and just-in-time migration capabilities, ForgeRock Identity Cloud empowers enterprises to move to the cloud without the headaches of managing even more passwords and causing customer inconveniences that can erode brand loyalty,” he added.

Pass-Through Authentication (PTA) allows customers to keep their passwords on-premises, and uses existing user IDs and passwords by authenticating against any identity store, including Active Directory, LDAP, SQL, or even flat files. This approach also simplifies implementation and reduces associated IT costs

Just-in-Time Migration lets enterprises move to ForgeRock Identity Cloud without forcing their customers to change their passwords. Enterprises can also choose to migrate users gradually by department, location or other factors to enable a phased approach to cloud, thereby reducing unnecessary risks during migration. This incremental approach also provides the flexibility to keep the passwords on-premises for those with stricter regulatory or compliance needs.

Photo: Yura Fresh on Unsplash