StaffAny rolls out workforce management solution for startups

Singapore-based StaffAny has launched Start Up Plan to provide digital HR and operations to startups with up to 25 employees.

The workforce management solution is available free for all businesses within their first year of operation, in particular brick-and-mortar enterprises employing shift workers such as restaurants, retailers, clinics, and field services.

Designed to help new businesses scale and grow, the plan lets startups digitise their operations and increase manpower efficiency, reducing time spent on workforce management, and reducing operational costs, while gaining business visibility.

Available on both mobile and web, Start Up Plan helps businesses optimise their operational scheduling, manage staff leave with real time updates and automate time tracking and time sheet consolidation.

“As the pandemic wanes, the startup ecosystem needs to be ready for recovery. Young companies often lack time and experience to digitise and automate. With our Start Up Plan, we help businesses manage their operations and free up time to concentrate on what matters the most – optimising and growing the company,” said Janson Seah, CEO and Co-Founder of StaffAny.