H3G completes national roaming in Austria based on MOCN architecture

Hutchison 3G (H3G) Austria has successfully completed national roaming (NR) based on MOCN (Multi-Operator Core Network) architecture, covering two thirds of Austria, using ZTE technology.

To enable 3G NR, ZTE provided H3G with MOCN technology which allows NR partners to connect to the H3G UTRAN network. As a result of the project both CS and PS traffic are increased significantly. The ZTE SDR base stations and network controller, together with the core ZTE network, ensured that the project, which covered more than 9,000 MOCN cells, did not affect the experience of H3G’s subscribers.

Benefitting from excellent network performance, H3G Austria users number is increasing fast. Test results show that the average upload rate is still over 50 percent higher than other networks and the average download rate is about 11.7Mbps. The solution enables the network to deliver excellent quality and have good coverage.

“NR based on MOCN architecture is a win-win solution for both parties. Relying on H3G’s high performance network, constructed by ZTE, the NR partners can not only make full use of the network resources and quickly deploy network commercialization with low TCO, but also achieve thorough cooperation and complement each other’s service advantages. NR based on MOCN architecture helps operators save thousands of base station construction costs and shortens the 3G commercialisation by about two years,” said Wang Shouchen, vice president, ZTE.

“Network Sharing based on MOCN architecture will become a trend in the future, particularly in high-end markets such as Europe and North America. In sparsely populated areas with insufficient network coverage or unbalanced network resources, there is a need for network sharing for operators to reduce construction cost and speed up network commercialization,” added Shouchen.

As a world leading integrated communication solutions provider, ZTE is committed to constructing high performance networks with global operators and helping them customize service offerings. ZTE’s Uni-RAN solution has been deployed by 150 operators in the world. As of today, ZTE has concluded 38 LTE commercial contracts and constructed nearly 100 trial networks with operators worldwide.


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