HP Elitepad soars with Emirates

Emirates aims to deliver better customer service and flight experience with the HP ElitePad 900.

HP’s new tablets has won over an admirer. Emirates Airlines has started equipping its cabin crew with HP’s ElitePad 900 Windows 8 Enterprise tablets to improve customer service.


Running on Windows 8, the new tablets has enabled Emirates to create its Knowledge Driven Inflight Service (KIS) app, which allows air crew to deliver better customer experience. The HP ElitePad 900 tablets are synchronised with the corporate systems before take-off and upon landing, giving the crew updated information such as security, passenger seating and upgrades.

Updates from the HR systems provide supervisors with duty crew data, such as grades, nationalities and language competencies.

Designed for businesses, the HP ElitePad 900 is sleek, thin and light, and comes with enterprise-calibre data, device and identity protection for Emirates
customers with HP Client Security.


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