Master database management system gives telcos the edge

hybrisIn a highly competitive and dynamic market, telcos are increasingly looking at multiple channels to sell their services and products. Many players have turned to personalisation and business analytics in order to retain and win customers.

However, James Chu, Regional Sales Manager for Southeaast Asia and Telco of hybris, believes that taking an additional step will give them the edge.

“We offer our customers one more step – master database management (MDM) system. MDM curates inventory so that customers can find what they want easily and on any device,” he explained.

In the telco environment, inventory is complicated as there are many forms or operating systems because of the multiple channels and touch points used by customers.

“hybris offers solutions to help telcos generate revenue while delivering multi-channel experience to their customers,” said Chu. “The omni-channel and order management functionalities of hybris Telco Accelerator is not only unique, but essential.”



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