Samsung launches Galaxy S4 mini with LTE in Singapore

Galaxy S4 miniLike the Samsung Galaxy S4 but prefer a smaller form factor? The good news is that Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with LTE, a compact version of its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Priced at S$698 without contract, the phone will be available in two colours — white frost and black mist — from July 6.

With a 4.3-inch qHD SUPER AMOLED display, 107g lightweight and compact design, it is easy to carry and operate with one hand. Though compact, the Galaxy S4 mini with LTE boasts a 1.7GHz dual core processor that allows users to quickly and easily perform data intensive tasks.

It sports an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and 1.9-megapixel HD front-facing camera. Special features such as Sound&Shot, which stores sound and voice together as pictures are taken, and Panorama Shot, which allows users to photograph the full view of their surroundings, ensure no memory is lost.

Receive travel assistance and information service through the pre-loaded Trip Advisor, which can also recommend future trips and provide a guide along the way. Users can also automatically arrange photos into beautiful photo albums with the Story Album function. Photos are automatically gathered and saved according to the user’s timeline, geo-tagging information, or a specific event to create a photo album.

The smartphone allows users to simultaneously listen to the same music and play the games together with friends using Group Playfeature, and chat with multiple friends and add animations, video and voice recordings to messages using ChatON.

International travel is made easy with S Translator, which provides instant text or voice translation at email, text message or ChatON. Users can also control their TVs through WatchON’s IR remote which transforms the phone into a remote to control the user’s TVs, set-top box, and DVD player. Samsung Link also enables users to share content across multiple Samsung digital devices.

The Galaxy S4 mini keeps users up to date with personal health and well-being details. To protect users’ well-being, Adapt Display provides an optimal viewing experience customized for each type of application, and Adapt Sound offers an optimal level and type of sound, personalised for each user.




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