Motorola Solutions delivers cloud-ready wifi services

Motorola SolutionsEnterprises have more options for deployment cost effective wireless local area networks (WLAN). Motorola Solutions’ new VX 9000 is a scalable WLAN cloud solution backed by the functionality of Motorola’s robust NX hardware controller.

The VX 9000 software-based virtualised controller supports up to 25,000 access points in a single instance and can scale to support multiple instances.

Motorola’s new NX 7500 multi-service platform is designed for mid-size enterprises and campus environments and offers comprehensive management of more than 2,000 access points. Powered by WiNG 5, the NX 7500 ensures optimal RF performance, speed and throughput by enabling every transmission to follow the fastest and most efficient route to its destination.

The EX 3500 complements the Motorola WLAN, delivering unified access with all of the wired networking requirements for branch and remote office deployments. The economical, standalone solution offers the features of a wired access switch with the advantage of centralized management and standardised policies across both the wireless and wireline network.

Motorola also is announcing new security enhancements to its AirDefense portfolio to help detect suspicious Bluetooth devices.  AirDefense’s Bluetooth Monitoring helps retailers keep a lookout for Bluetooth-enabled payment card skimmers.


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