Vietnam only bright spark in Asia PC market

IDCVietnam is the only growth market for PCs in Asia in Q4, according to IDC. A total of 610,000 PCs were shipped during this period, bringing annual total to 2.13 million units, a two-percent increase over 2014.

In the second half of 2014, promotions of Windows 8.1 with Bing notebooks and the slow but steady growth of convertibles led to an increase in volumes that helped to stabilise the PC market.

“While it helps to prevent the drop of PC shipment in Vietnam, aggressive moves from vendors generally took down the price further that impacts the margins too. Looking at 2015, we’re still expecting a resilient PC spending added with small but growing gaming market to keep the market stable,” said Yen Phan, Market Analyst for PCs at IDC Vietnam.

Vietnam’s economic forecast is another reason to expect some positive trend in the PC market this year.

“If the forecast is to be taken as early signs, we can expect to see a mild increase in enterprise spending due to the healthy position of Vietnam’s economy. There will be a number of opportunities in the retail sector with a fast growing number of new outlets and malls, as well as in the banking sector due to the increase in merger and acquisitions,” said Daniel Pang, Senior Research Manager for Client Devices at IDC Asean.

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