Smartphone’s fingerprint sensors boost biometrics market

abi researchMore Chinese smartphone vendors are investing in equipping their devices with fingerprint sensors with such phones expected to hit one billion shipment by 2020, marking a 17 percent CAGR, according to ABI Research.

Biometrics on smartphone devices have moved past the simple authentication option and are headed towards establishing a more robust mobile payment solution.

However, other biometric modalities such as face, voice and eye-based recognition are currently moving out of the fledgling phase and are to be integrated as highly-secure – albeit more expensive – biometric capabilities in smartphone devices with a five-year CAGR revenue growth of 144 percent.

In the banking and finance sector, ATMs receive a long overdue and much needed boost. ATMs are now incorporating finger-vein and palm-vein technologies as a primary or additional form of identification while voice recognition will maintain a leading position as fraud prevention software.

Iris recognition is booming in the healthcare sector as a form of logical and physical access control, and hospitals are gradually investing more in biometric-based patient ID and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software. Leading suppliers of biometric technology include vendors Saffran Morpho, NEC, 3M Cogent, Agnitio, and FPC. Promising up-and-comers include Techshino, EyeVerify, and VKansee.