Fuji Xerox Hong Kong announces Smart Device 2.0


Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) has launched Smart Device 2.0, a new document management smart device that lets businesses achieve smoother workflow as well as higher operational efficiency and productivity by 25 percent. It also helps companies address information technology challenges in a comprehensive manner.

Smart Work Gateway is a brand-new concept that swiftly interconnects cloud network, Smart Device 2.0 and user’s personal mobile device. Office employees can enjoy unprecedented convenience of connecting to their workplace anytime, anywhere. Work is no longer bounded by time or place.

“The all-new Smart Device 2.0, empowered by Smart Work Gateway, truly redefines the ‘smart workplace’ with user-centric and intuitive features, enabling enterprises to not only work smarter, but also build competitive edge and sustainable growth,” said Herbert Hui, Managing Director, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) (above).


As the next generation of Smart Device, the Smart Device 2.0 is analytics enabled, cloud enabled and business process enabled – all without the need for server support. Along with high scanning and printing speed, the redesigned multi-functional smart device features a brand-new Super EA-Eco Toner that delivers unrivaled print quality across large printing volumes, ensuring collateral produced will simultaneously achieve consistent quality, higher productivity and cost optimisation.


With XpressGateway, users can access files from multiple cloud storage spaces such as Box, One Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive within a single interface, saving time and effort by using single sign-on to scan or print directly from the cloud.

Smart Device 2.0 features a simple, intuitive and easy-to-manage business process to facilitate a variety of workflows such as expense claims, purchase orders and even employee performance appraisals.

From e-forms, workflow design, approval permissions to mobile device features, the entire process is highly flexible and customisable. Users only need to scan supporting documents to initiate the system’s automatic workflow process.

A host of business apps specially designed to automate workflows, such as XpressE-filing 2.0, XpressReport and XpressFollow-U-Print 2.0. With a user-friendly workflow, users will be able to manage documents on the apps anytime and anywhere.

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