Short cut to A-

An Asean scholar disgruntled with his grades hacked his professor’s account to bump himself from B to A-. The Singapore Management University (SMU) student was soon found out and will be spending four months in prison reflecting on his folly.

Fearing that he would lose his scholarship, Vietnamese Tran Gia Hung decided to take things into his own hands.

He noted his professor’s keystrokes and after numerous attempts managed to access his account. The 22-year-old then changed his grades as well as marked down those of nine others.

Tran was sentenced to four months after admitting to 10 counts of performing access, and unauthorised modifications, to computer material, and one count of intentionally obstructing the course of justice. Twenty-eight other charges were taken into consideration during his sentencing.

That’s a very high price to pay for the young man.

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