Go-Jek goes regional

Go-Jek will be heading to the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam in the next few months.

The ride-hailing firm from Indonesia is investing US$500 million in its international push.

Go-Jek is working with regulators and other stakeholders across the region to pave the way for the new operations.

The companies will be run by local founding teams, with Go-Jek providing technological support and expertise gathered over the past three years as Indonesia’s most revolutionary tech business. They will determine their own brands and identities to ensure good traction in each new market.

“Consumers are happiest when they have choice and at the moment, people in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines don’t feel that they’re getting enough when it comes to ride-hailing. We hope that as we arrive in new markets, we will quickly become everyone’s go-to lifestyle app. That is our aspiration. In the meantime, we hope our presence will provide the welcome competition markets need to thrive,” said Nadiem Makarim, CEO of Go-Jek.

The move brings it head-to-head with key regional player Grab, which recently took over Uber’s operations in Southeast Asia.