App to teach children responsible mobile device usage

Help is at hand for parents who need help in teaching their young children the dos and don’ts of using smartphones and other mobile devices. They can now turn to Tittle for Parents, an app that lets parents protect their children on mobile devices and teach about safe and appropriate use.

While parents give their young children mobile phones to stay in touch, they are often concerned with the contents that their children are accessing, and the amount of time spent on the phones.

Developed with parents in mind, Tittle for Parents aims to help them seek a balance with mobile device control, protection and discipline while also offering new features such as tasks and web tracking.

Instead of banning usage completely, Tittle provides parents with a tool to encourage safe and responsible user experience.

The app’s features include:

  • Internet and apps blocking to limit access to the web and apps
  • Multiple schedule setting to limit usage during school, meal times, family time, and bedtime
  • Location and geofencing to track children’s location
  • Web tracking to see children’s surfing history
  • Task setting for parents to create simple tasks for their children, such as doing specific chores
  • Messaging capability for parents and children to communicate regarding each task

Parents can easily pair their device with their child’s right in the app without having to log into another browser or app.

Download the app  and enjoy full features for 14 days from Google Play Store and App Store.


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