Bosch and Daimler pick NVIDIA Drive Pegasus for robotaxis

Daimler and Bosch have chosen NVIDIA Drive Pegasus AI supercomputer to power their robotaxis, which are expected to start testing in Silicon Valley next year.

The fully autonomous vehicles can be summoned using a smartphone app, ushering a new era of mobility-as-a-service.
These Level 4 and Level 5 autonomy cars will improve traffic flow, enhance safety, and offer greater access to mobility. Analysts have predicted it will cost a mere 17 US cents a mile to ride in a driverless car that can be summoned anytime. Commuters will be able to spend their drive to work actually working, recapturing an estimated US$99 billion worth of lost productivity each year.

By 2030, driverless vehicles and services will be a US$1 trillion industry, according to KPMG.

Just the size of a licence plate, NVIDIA Drive Pegasus is designed for autonomous vehicles, delivering 320 trillions of operations per second to handle diverse and redundant algorithms.