AI certification initiative launched in Singapore

AI Singapore (AISG) has announced the AISG AI Certification, a structure learning pathway to enable Singaporeans to reskill, upskill and deep skill in artifical intelligence (AI).The framework for the certification initiative has been developed based on AISG’s experience from the 100 Experiments (100E) programme. 100E partners such as Daimler, IBM, KroniKare, NDR Medical, NUS, Q&M Dental, and Surbana Jurong are supporting this initiative, which will help them identify and find more AI Engineers to hire.

Companies can also use this framework as a reference to reskill selected staff and start building their own AI and data science teams.

AISG will work with companies and organisations to promote and recognise the AI Certification and identify technically-proficient professionals to be certified as AI Associate Engineers and AI Certified Engineers.

The professional certification course is expected to start in Q1, 2020.

Besides the certification course, AISG also runs free Literacy in AI course as part of its aim to enable 100,000 Singaporeans to hop on the AI bandwagon.