Zendesk extends helping hand to charities and startups

In response to the impact of COVID-19 on charities, Zendesk is offering free software and support to help them manage volunteering, relief efforts and home assistance.

More than 60 organisations from 18 countries have already applied for help under Zendesk’s Tech For Good programme. Zendesk has donated hundreds of agent licences to 20 organisations in collaboration with more than 40 implementation partners.

Zendesk is also offering startups anywhere in the world six months of free Zendesk tools through Zendesk for Startups. Startups that specifically address COVID-19 response will receive hands-on support with onboarding and implementation from experts.

“We hope that these new offers – along with a host of free resources, such as virtual events that can be streamed on demand, and new guidance and insight on our blog – will give companies a boost to get through these difficult weeks and months ahead, while keeping teams productive and collaborative in order to give customers the help they need,” said Elisabeth Zornes, Chief Customer Officer of Zendesk.

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