Mai Linh enables SmartPOS payment in taxis

Mai Linh has become the first transport company in Vietnam to offer SmartPOS payment service in taxis.

In the first phase, SmartPOS machines have replaced traditional point-of-sale (POS) machines in taxis in Hanoi. The devices will be deployed in southern provinces such as Ho Chi Minh City and tourist centres in the next phase.

Through its collaboration with VNPAY, Mai Linh has raised the customer experience to another level of convenience with the integration of electronic POS, NFC card issuance, and smartphone app.

With the SmartPOS device, drivers only need to deal with a single device to meet every customer’s requirements. They can also easily look up transaction history, reissue invoices, as well as change PINs and check Mai Linh membership card balance.

“With this SmartPOS service advancement, Mai Linh demonstrates how to apply the latest technologies in its operation, satisfying passengers with the most convenient, modern and integrated experience when using our services,” said Rahn Wood, CEO of Mai Linh.

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