Thales announces multi-cloud data security solutions

Thales has announced data protection solutions for Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Each cloud provider has its own unique data protection mechanisms and key management offerings, making multi-cloud data protection a complex security challenge for organisations.

Thales’ latest cloud data security solutions address this challenge by allowing customers to maintain control of and manage their encryption keys, as well as manage access and authentication across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

The solutions make it easier to ensure protection against reputational risk and financial penalties arising from a cloud data breach. Customers will benefit from enhanced capabilities to discover, protect and control sensitive data across multi-cloud environments.

“In a post pandemic, highly regulated world, it is even more important for organisations to understand what data they have, where it sits, who can access it and the risks associated with managing it. Only once an organisation understands all of these data lifecycle aspects, can they ensure that it is secured and managed correctly,” said Sébastien Cano, Senior Vice President of Cloud Protection and Licensing at Thales.