Liquid brings eKYC solution to SEA

Japanese eKYC solution provider Liquid has expanded into Southeast Asia (SEA) with the introduction of its eKYC online complete identity verification service.

The solution features highly accurate identity verification using proprietary AI, biometric and optical character recognition technologies.

In its first SEA move, Liquid is partnering with Sakura Guild Games (SGG) on implementing identity verification at the point of registration for new SGG players.

“Liquid eKYC realises an identity verification process with an extremely low user withdrawal rate through its superior facial recognition and ID document image recognition technologies,” said Hiroki Hasegawa, CEO of Liquid.

While images taken by smartphones can be difficult to be processed by conventional solutions, Liquid’s image processing technology has a realised low withdrawal rate of about three percent and low one percent of unclear images. It also delivers 99.38 percent accuracy in automatic face recognition, enabling smooth identification verification.

The solution has been implemented in a wide range of industries, including banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, telecommunications carriers, antique buyers, the sharing economy, dating applications, and metaverse-related services.

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