Aetos teams up with Vizzio on operations visualisation solutions

Aetos Holdings is teaming up with Vizzio Technologies to design advanced 3D ops-tech visualisation solutions that will help businesses improve security, safety, facilities management and sustainability tracking.

The collaboration builds on an earlier project where Vizzio helped to implement a digital twin for Aetos’ next-generation 5G Integrated Command Centre (ICC). The an AI cloud-based platform visualises unified operations island-wide and beyond borders onto a single dashboard – based on aggregated data from numerous subsystems.

Following the successful deployment, the two companies will now work on providing 3D digital twin modelling and unified remote monitoring and management as-a-service. This will help expand operational capabilities currently made available to building owners, allowing them to become more productive and achieve outcome-based performance indicators.

“This collaboration with Vizzio combines best-in-class expertise and leverages innovative technologies to advance Smart Nation initiatives. By redefining how security operations or even facilities management are monitored and managed, we are building a digital eco-system of unified capabilities,” said Alfred Fox (top left), CEO of Aetos Holdings.

“Our revolutionary deep-learning algorithms and techniques can automate the processing of commercial unclassified satellite imagery to create detailed geo-specific (not geo-typical), accurate, high resolution 3D geographic models and terrains of cities, in just a fraction of the time needed,”

There is a growing need for 3D city models for security and facilities management (FM) applications, By harnessing the capabilities of the digital twin, businesses can not only perform virtual patrols at multiple locations, but also pinpoint the exact location of the security, safety or FM-related incidents and anomalies.

AETOS personnel will be trained to scan and create 3D maps using consumer grade cameras. This pioneering process by Vizzio converts captured videos and into high quality 3D point cloud, 3D geometries, BIM/REVIT and immersive street tours, simplifying the complicated conventional 3D scanning and modelling process.

“The potential of 3D City models is boundless. We can help users analyse the limitations and complications that often impact smart city projects, tap on real-time data feeds and AI predictive analytics to improve energy-efficient urban development, and deliver sustainable digital-first solutions for people, places and the planet,” said Jon Lee (top right), CEO and Founder of Vizzio Technologies.