GeForce NOW coming to cars

Waiting in a parked car will be a lot more fun with GeForce NOW cloud gaming service to be available in cars from Hyundai Motor Group, BYD and Polestar.

The new GeForce NOW offering will enable front-seat occupants to stream games while parked, and back-seat passengers to game if screens are available.

“Accelerated computing, AI and connectivity are delivering new levels of automation, safety, convenience and enjoyment to the car. The ability to stream popular titles from gamers’ libraries along with dozens of free-to-play games will bring the in-vehicle infotainment experience to new heights,” said Ali Kani, Vice President of Automotive at NVIDIA.

GeForce NOW uses breakthrough low-latency streaming technology powered by GeForce servers in the cloud, enabling real-time game play with more than 1,000 titles, including top-rated ones such as A Plague Tale: Requiem, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077, from leading PC game stores including Steam, the Electronic Arts app, Ubisoft, Epic Games Store and The service also includes popular free-to-play games such as Fortnite, Lost Ark and Destiny 2.

GeForce NOW is available from NVIDIA in North America and Europe, and through GeForce NOW Alliance partners in other parts of the world.

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