NVIDIA and Foxconn partner on autonomous vehicle platforms

NVIDIA has joined hands with Hon Hai Technology Group (also known as Foxconn) to develop automated and autonomous vehicle platforms.

Under the partnership, Foxconn will produce electronic control units (ECUs) based on NVIDIA Drive Orin and manufacture electric vehicles (EVs) featuring Drive Orin ECUs and Drive Hyperion sensors for highly automated driving capabilities.

“This is a well-considered partnership that leverages unique strengths on each side in the pursuit of innovative EV development and opportunities,” said Eric Yeh, Senior Director of the Software Development Center at Foxconn.

The partnership with Foxconn will allow NVIDIA to further scale its efforts and meet growing industry demand as more transportation leaders select Drive Orin for intelligent vehicles. By building EVs on the Drive Hyperion qualified sensor set, Foxconn will speed up its time-to-market and time-to- cost strategies.

“Our partnership with Foxconn will provide OEMs developing intelligent driving solutions with a world-class supplier that can scale for volume manufacturing of the NVIDIA Drive Orin platform. Foxconn’s decision to also use the Drive Hyperion sensor suite for its EVs will help accelerate their path to production without compromising safety, reliability or quality,” said Rishi Dhall, Vice President of Automotive at NVIDIA.

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