Equinix expands internet exchange ecosystem in South Korea

Equinix has linked its International Business Exchange (IBX) SL1 with the Internet Exchange (IX) and network services of Korea Internet Neutral Exchange (KINX) and Sejong Telecom’s Korea Internet Exchange (KRIX).

The expanded IX ecosystem will provide optionality and meet the increasing digital infrastructure and IX demands from international and domestic businesses in SL1.

With the expanded ecosystem, Equinix customers can interconnect and peer with various internet service providers and content providers through their respective IXs. This will allow high-speed and low-latency traffic exchange, reducing packet loss, jitter, and out-of-order packet delivery.

When customers route some of their traffic off the internet and connect directly within the ecosystem of Equinix Internet Exchange service, they can enjoy network reliability, reduced network traffic latency, improved performance and reduced cost for IP transit.

“South Korea is known for having one of the fastest Internet networks around the world. We have high internet penetration with 93 percent of Koreans using the internet, leading to demands for ever-increasing levels of network performance and capacity. The collaboration with domestic IXs including KINX and KRIX will offer more choices and enhance network services for our customers, including PCH, to accelerate businesses’ digitalisation,” said Chris Jang, Managing Director of Equinix Korea.

Photo: Edward Lim

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