BytePlus and EduSpaze team up to bring ML to EdTech sector

BytePlus and EduSpaze have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to help education technology (EdTech) startups in EduSpaze’s ecosystem leverage BytePlus’ machine learning (ML) technology to foster and drive innovation in the education sector in Singapore and Southeast Asia (SEA).

To help EdTech startups deal with the challenges of the modern classroom, BytePlus has been expanding its ML capabilities to offer tools that can help educators and EdTech platforms innovate further, while increasing engagement for learners. Its sentiment analysis technology can help educators and learning platforms monitor a student’s focus levels. This can help educators comprehend student experiences and accordingly improve their teaching methodology.

To overcome linguistic barriers to learning, BytePlus has in place neural machine translation for text translation which enables educators to record a lesson in their local language and have it translated for students learning in other languages. Moreover, text-to-speech technology allows teachers to create video content using existing study materials and include audio-visual cues to make the video lessons more engaging.

“EdTech, has gained a lot of traction over the past few years owing to the shift to online learning due to the pandemic. Investing in robust classroom technology has and will continue to be high on the agenda to bring about sustainable transformation of the education sector,” said Abhinav Gupta, Head of Partnerships at BytePlus.

“This partnership will help enhance the EdTech solutions we are rolling out which are beneficial to the entire education ecosystem across the region. We look forward to other collaborative opportunities with BytePlus in the near future,” said Alex Ng, Managing Director of EduSpaze.

Photo: Max Fischer

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