HP Dragonfly Folio G3: Ideal for business users and content creators

By Inez Lim

Introduced in end 2022, the HP Dragonfly Folio G3 is a 2-in-1 laptop encased in vegan leather, with a sleek premium matte finish. Targeted at premium business users, it is also ideal for content creators with its powerful specifications.

Design and build quality

The HP Dragonfly Folio G3 weighs around 1.4 kg and measures 11.67 x 9.22 x 0.7 inches. Sporting a 13.5-inch diagonal display, it also comes with two USB type-c/thunderbolt ports for connection and power. A SIM card tray is also available for this model – a plus for on-the-go users who rely on SIM card for Internet connectivity. Goodbye, hotspot tethering!

Partially wrapped with vegan leather (back of screen), the laptop has a premium look and feel. The bottom and sides of the keyboard have a matte finish which helps keep the laptop cool and allows for heat dissipation.

In terms of port availability, the provision of only two ports with the lack of HDMI ports would mean that more accessories may be necessary.


The 13.5-inch laptop boasts an unconventional 3:2 screen, which will be useful for those who like extra screen estate. The screen has a glossy finish and is reflective so you will probably need to maximise your brightness setting in a bright environment. Ambient light sensors on the laptop also help detect environmental brightness and adjusts the screen’s brightness accordingly.

One great thing about this laptop is its versatility. Itt provides users like me with three different angles for use – upright like a normal laptop, flat on the keyboard (screen-up) like a tablet, and a partial lift which provides an angle for easy tablet (screen) use. Perhaps an area of improvement is for the 2-in-1 laptop to be detachable.

Dragonfly Folio pen

The display is sensitive to the accompanying Dragonfly Folio pen, which is a boon for those who enjoy scribbling and creating using a stylus. The pen has two main buttons, and the grip makes it comfortable to handle and use. However, as a user who is used to an Apple Pencil, it will probably take some time getting used to this pen. 

The Dragonfly Folio pen gives the 2-in-1 laptop the additional input method that most other laptops do not have.


The laptop we reviewed came with 32GB RAM and runs on Intel’s 12th generation processor. This combination makes it pretty powerful and would definitely be more than enough for an average business user. I’d even recommend it to content creators who need such power for their work.

Battery life of this laptop is similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro which is around eight to nine hours of normal use (not while doing heavy-duty rendering).

Now, its audio quality is worth mentioning. The sound quality from the Bang & Olufsen speakers gives the audio a resounding boost – great for business users who may need to show videos to clients on-the-go or simply for creators who use their speakers when working on projects.


The HP Dragonfly Folio G3 is a heavy but powerful laptop. Although 2-in-1 laptops are widely available, this one offers a premium feel, making it ideal for on-the-go business users (though it may be a bit heavy for some). The Dragonfly Folio pen is definitely worth keeping a look out for if you enjoy scribbling.

The HP suite of programmes and large RAM also make it an ideal laptop for content creators and even STEM students.


More information on the Dragonfly Folio G3 can be found here. While it is currently out of stock on the website (as at February 3, 2023), you can subscribe to the notification for laptop availability.

The base model retails for S$4,049.

Extra Shout-out

HP also offers other accessories that can complement your work experience. The 930 Creator Wireless Mouse provides users with a hyper-fast scroll wheel as well as seven programmable buttons. One fascinating feature is that the mouse can be used on a glass (flat) surface!

The 960 4K Streaming Webcam provides 4K resolution, auto framing as well as an adjustable viewing angle for users. In addition, the 970 Progammable Wireless Keyboard provides a solid keyboard experience that can last for up to six months on a single charge.