Alteryx boosts decision-making with self-service capabilities for all

Alteryx has added self-service and enterprise-grade capabilities to its Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform to enable everyone to make faster and more intelligent decisions.

The enhanced platform now comes with all access for Designer Cloud to offer an approachable easy-to-use drag-and-drop modern interface accessible to employees of all skill levels. What’s best is that this does not compromising data governance or security standards.

Alteryx’s global 2023 State of Cloud Analytics Report has found that cloud analytics would be an enterprise imperative for thriving in 2023. Four out of five respondents expect cloud analytics to have a positive impact during economic uncertainty, and nearly 90 percent agreed cloud analytics have helped them be more profitable.

“The 2023 State of Cloud Analytics report shows actual benefits of cloud analytics for decision making and operational efficiency among others far surpassed expectations. With Alteryx’s best in-class experiences, on a cloud-native enterprise-grade platform, we are enabling our customers to navigate through uncertainty and succeed in the next era of digital transformation,” said Suresh Vittal, Chief Product Officer of Alteryx.

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