Talend updates data fabric platform

Talend has updated the Talend Data Fabric end-to-end platform for data discovery, transformation, governance, and sharing.

It has added in the Winter 23 release advanced capabilities and enhancements to simplify and automate cloud migrations and data management, expand data connectivity, and improve data visibility, quality, control, and access.

The new features include more AI-powered automation with Smart Services that simplify task scheduling and orchestration of cloud jobs. This allows users to pause and resume tasks and utilize smart timeouts cutting additional compute time and improving operational efficiency.

Another update is improved connectivity with connectors for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Warehouse on HANA, enabling organisations to shift critical workloads to these modern SAP data platforms. The release also supports ad platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter, and modern cloud databases, including Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra), Azure SQL Database, Google Bigtable, and Neo4j Aura Cloud. There’s also improved support for streaming use-cases by enhancing the Kafka connector to benefit from the latest and greatest Kafka innovations, including new Apache Spark Data Interfaces and schema registry.

The addition of data observability enables data professionals to automatically and proactively monitor the quality of their data over time and provide trusted data for self-service data access. By leveraging dataset crawling or tags, users can easily uncover data blind spots to discover new datasets. Data teams can instantaneously check the validity and usage of data types across the datasets, apply contextual data quality rules, and monitor how data quality evolves using the enhanced Talend Trust Score.

The Stitch fully managed cloud ETL service now includes new role-based access control to provide better segregation of administrator duties and new pipeline monitoring capabilities that will allow data teams to get key metrics on data ingestion, including data volumes, data freshness, and schema changes. With the newly added History mode for Snowflake, data changes for historical analysis or compliance auditing can be easily tracked.

“ As well as continuing to drive operational efficiency and expedite data modernisation efforts and returns, with Winter ’23, we are also empowering our customers to continuously monitor data throughout its lifecycle and understand and impact how it evolves and moves to fuel positive business outcomes,” said Jason Penkethman, Chief Product Officer of Talend.

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