ForgeRock reveals passwordless authentication solution

Passwords are a necessary evil. While it helps protect access to sensitive information, keeping tabs of passwords is a major hassle. ForgeRock’s announcement of the ForgeRock Enterprise Connect Passwordless authentication solution that eliminates the need for passwords should be smiles to many in large organisations.

Developed through ForgeRock’s strategic partnership with Secret Double Octopus, the new solution, integrated into ForgeRock Identity Platform, protects the most commonly used and vulnerable enterprise resources such as servers, workstations, remote desktops, and VPNs.

It helps large enterprises proactively defend against costly cyber-attacks and unauthorised access by providing a passwordless experience to legacy applications, systems and services. In turn, organsations can deliver an employee experience that empowers people to access their information without needing to know a password.

Passwordless authentication replaces traditional passwords with a more user-friendly, secure possession, ranging from tokens, certificates, authenticator apps, or biometrics. These can be combined for passwordless multifactor authentication that offers the highest level of user authentication security.

This will radically transform the user experience while ensuring security. Logging in is the first step in the interaction with applications, systems and services. Removing the password barrier will make access more convenient and less of a pain.

“The move to passwordless authentication will fundamentally change every digital experience on the planet, starting with the most common experience of all – logging in,” said Peter Barker, Chief Product Officer of ForgeRock.

Organisations deploying ForgeRock Enterprise Connect Passwordless become a more secure enterprise by removing employee interaction with passwords, and reducing the risk of compromise. Benefits include eliminating employee account lockouts and reducing the volume of IT tickets, which can lower operational costs from help desk interactions, increase workforce productivity and enhance the user experience.

Available in Q2, ForgeRock Enterprise Connect Passwordless uses next generation identity orchestration capabilities that allow enterprises to easily design and implement passwordless login and access journeys tailored to their unique security and experience needs. Organisations can move to going passwordless at their own pace.

“Through a passwordless approach, businesses in Singapore can better navigate a growing number of attacks, improve user experience and rising operational inefficiencies, while also saving costs from rising password resets,” said David Hope, SVP of Asia Pacific and Japan at ForgeRock.

Photo: Sarah Pflug from Burst