NVIDIA builds generative AI Foundations

NVIDIA has launched the NVIDIA AI Foundations set of cloud services to accelerate the adoption of AI among businesses.

Getty Images, Morningstar, Quantiphi, and Shutterstock are among the first to create and use AI models, applications and services built with the new services.

Enterprises can use the NVIDIA NeMo language service and the NVIDIA Picasso image, video and 3D service to build proprietary, domain-specific, generative AI applications for intelligent chat and customer support, professional content creation, digital simulation and more.

The NeMo and Picasso services run on NVIDIA DGX Cloud, which is accessible via a browser. Developers can use the models offered on each service through simple application programming interfaces (APIs). Once models are ready for deployment, enterprises can run inference workloads at scale using the NVIDIA AI Foundations cloud services.

Each cloud service includes six elements: pre-trained models, frameworks for data processing, vector databases and personalisation, optimised inference engines, APIs, and support from NVIDIA experts to help enterprises tune models for their custom use cases.

“Generative AI is driving the fast adoption of AI and reinventing countless industries. NVIDIA AI Foundations let enterprises customise foundation models with their own data to generate humanity’s most valuable resources — intelligence and creativity,” said Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA.

Leveraging large language models

The NeMo cloud service enables developers to make large language models (LLMs) more relevant for businesses by defining areas of focus, adding domain-specific knowledge and teaching functional skills.

Morningstar is working with NeMo to research advanced intelligence services.

“Large language models offer us the ability to collect insightful data from highly complex structured and unstructured content at a larger scale while prioritising data quality and speed. Morningstar is using NeMo in its data collection research and development on how LLMs can scan and summarise information from sources such as financial documents to quickly extract market intelligence,” said Shariq Ahmad, Head of Data Collection Technology at Morningstar.

Quantiphi is using NeMo to build a modular generative AI solution. Called baioniq, the solution will enable enterprises to build customised LLMs that are equipped with up-to-date information to boost productivity for knowledge workers.

NVIDIA Picasso is a cloud service for building and deploying generative AI-powered image, video and 3D applications with advanced text-to-image, text-to-video and text-to-3D capabilities to supercharge productivity for creativity, design and digital simulation through simple cloud APIs.

Partnerships to improve productivity

NVIDIA and Adobe will expand their longstanding research and development partnership to create the next generation of generative AI models. They will co-develop the models with a focus on transparency and Content Credentials, powered by Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative.

To accelerate the workflows of the world’s leading creators and marketers, some of these models will be jointly developed and brought to market through Adobe Creative Cloud flagship products such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects, as well as through NVIDIA Picasso.

NVIDIA and Getty Images are collaborating to train responsible generative text-to-image and text-to-video foundation models. The models will allow the creation of images and video using simple text prompts and will be trained on Getty Images’ fully licensed assets. Getty Images will provide royalties to artists on any revenues generated from the models.

NVIDIA and Shutterstock are training a generative text-to-3D foundation model using the NVIDIA Picasso service to simplify the creation of detailed 3D models and reduce the time required to build 3D models from days to minutes. Fully licensed Shutterstock assets and metadata will be used for training, and Shutterstock will compensate artists via its Contributor Fund. Once the model is ready for deployment, Shutterstock plans to offer it on its platform to help simplify the creation of 3D assets for creative production, as well as to accelerate the development of industrial digital twins and 3D virtual world composition in NVIDIA Omniverse.