Google Cloud integrates Vertex AI with NVIDIA’s L4 GPU

Google Cloud has become the first cloud service provider to integrate its Vertex AI with the newly announced L4 GPU to accelerate the building of generative AI applications.

By tapping on the power of NVIDIA’s L4 Tensor Core GPU, it is giving developers the needed grunt to get new applications up and running quickly and cost-efficiently.

“Generative AI represents a new era of computing — one that demands the speed, scalability and reliability we provide on Google Cloud. As our customers begin to explore the possibilities of generative AI, we’re proud to offer them NVIDIA’s latest L4 GPU innovation as part of our workload-optimised Compute Engine portfolio,” said Amin Vahdat, Vice President of Systems & Services Infrastructure at Google Cloud.

Google Cloud provides the infrastructure for a wide variety of organisations offering generative AI applications, many of which are designed to help professionals do their work better and faster. Rapid inference is key to successfully running their applications.

The NVIDIA L4 GPU is a universal GPU for every workload, with enhanced AI video capabilities that can deliver 120x more AI-powered video performance than CPUs, combined with 99 percent better energy efficiency.

“Surging interest in generative AI is inspiring a wave of companies to turn to cloud-based computing to support their business models. We are working with Google Cloud to help ensure that the capabilities they require are easily available and able to help fuel the incredible new tools and applications they will create,” said Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA.

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