NVIDIA debuts world’s first GPU-accelerated quantum computing system

As GTC, NVIDIA announced the NVIDIA DGX Quantum, the world’s first GPU-accelerated quantum computing system.

Built with Quantum Machines, the system combines two top platforms — the NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip and CUDA Quantum open-source programming model, and Quantum Machines’ OPX advanced quantum control platform.

The synergy enables superfast sub-microsecond latency between GPUs and quantum processing units, giving researchers a major boost in their efforts to solve the world’s most pressing complex problems in a shorter time.

Researchers can build extraordinarily powerful applications that combine quantum computing with state-of-the-art classical computing, enabling calibration, control, quantum error correction and hybrid algorithms.

“Quantum-accelerated supercomputing has the potential to reshape science and industry with capabilities that can serve humanity in enormous ways. NVIDIA DGX Quantum will enable researchers to push the boundaries of quantum-classical computing,” said Tim Costa, Director of HPC and quantum at NVIDIA.

“We are heading toward a new age of quantum computing that is more accessible to more researchers than ever. Our collaboration with NVIDIA on the DGX Quantum system will enable a new generation of innovators to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges,” said Itamar Sivan, Co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines.

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