1 SIM card connects to 3 telcos

The newly-launched SPTel Multi-network SIM (subscriber identity module) can connect to three major Singapore-based telcommunication network providers. This enables organisations to enjoy telco diversity without swapping SIM cards, removing the hassle of managing multiple SIM cards for machine-to-machine and Internet of Things projects.

It lets organisations stay connected anytime, anywhere with in-built backup coverage, ensuring constant and reliable network connectivity.

The SPTel Multi-network SIM will support Smart Nation initiatives, particularly in industries where automation can reduce manpower costs and increase productivity.

Use cases include in logistics, automotive, connected health, video analytics, EV charging, and building maintenance which support critical functions and require high availability for their connectivity.

In such situations, the transmission of larger volumes of data, or even mobility may be required, making a multi-network SIM an ideal solution. The SPTel Multi-network SIM’s single dashboard simplifies after-sales care, with a single point of contact for support and billing, allowing Singapore to move forward on its digital roadmap with convenience.

“The SPTel Multi-network SIM is a step towards a more digital future, but more importantly, it harnesses the potential to better the lives of people through the promise of stronger, more reliable connectivity. For instance, the SIM is currently deployed to provide more reliable connectivity to thousands of lifts that utilise IoT infrastructure for component monitoring and predictive maintenance.” said Heng Kwee Tong, Vice President of Engineering and Customer Solutions at SPTel.