H2O.ai adds AI cloud to Snowflake’s Manufacturing Data Cloud

H2O.ai has launched H2O AI Cloud as a pre-built solution for Snowflake’s Manufacturing Data Cloud,.

The Manufacturing Data Cloud enables industries such as automotive, technology, energy, and industrial to unlock the value of their critical siloed industrial data.

Leveraging Snowflake’s data platform and solutions, it empowers manufacturers to collaborate with partners, suppliers and customers in a secure and scalable way, driving greater agility and visibility across the entire value chain.

“Snowflake’s partnership with H2O.ai is part of the greater effort to give our manufacturing customers and their suppliers access to the data, applications, and services needed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance supply chain transparency,” said Tim Long, Global Head of Manufacturing at Snowflake.

With Snowflake’s Manufacturing Data Cloud, organisations can build a data foundation for their business, improve supply chain performance, and power smart manufacturing initiatives.

The H2O AI Cloud solution benefits manufacturing organisations in a variety of ways, including predictive maintenance, quality control and supply chain optimisation.

“We’re excited to see our efforts address the complex challenges of the manufacturing industry, as part of the Snowflake Manufacturing Data Cloud launch. H2O is focused on enabling joint customers to deliver AI solutions that are changing the industry, from predictive manufacturing design to transportation optimization,” said Rod Hamlin, SVP of Global Business Development and GM of EMEA at H2O.ai.

Photo: Pixabay

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