Affinidi to empower SST students on digital identity management

Affinidi has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST) to equip their students and teachers with knowledge on data ownership and digital identity management.

Under the agreement, Affinidi will provide SST students with hands-on experience and access to its technology to build cutting-edge applications. The partnership also includes workshops, learning journeys, and capstone projects designed to inspire and empower students to be innovative and confident in creating transformative solutions.

Throughout the programme, SST students will learn more about holistic identities and acquire a deeper understanding of how verifiable credentials can help organisations unlock new user experiences while giving communities more control over their own data.

“In line with national efforts to grow a workforce skilled in key areas of technology, we believe this partnership with Affinidi will be an eye opener for our students and teaching staff when they work alongside the problem-solvers and technologists of Affinidi to solve real world problems. These meaningful learning experiences will indeed better prepare them for the digital future,” said Nick Chan, Principal of SST.

A pioneering group of SST students has participated in a pilot workshop with Affinidi, exploring the importance of holistic identity management and data ownership. During the workshop, they were challenged to identify potential use cases for Affinidi’s technology that solves problems and potentially makes a positive impact. They were also exposed to the Wallie platform that enables users to store, manage, and share earned credentials securely, including memories, achievements, and testimonials, throughout their professional careers.

This workshop served as a stepping stone for students to co-build future real world applications like Wallie, that would transform engagement and redefine digital credentialing for educators, as their way of giving back. More students in SST will have the opportunity to learn and build with Affinidi during future iterations of the workshop.

“By providing students with the latest tools and know-how, we can empower the next generation of builders to create new and innovative solutions that enhance user experiences and promote trust through ecosystems that are powered by digital identities. Through our partnership with SST, we’re excited to help students understand the importance of owning and managing their own data, and hope to inspire them to create a more secure, user-centric digital future,” said Glenn Gore, CEO of Affinidi.

Photo: Sajjad Hussain M