Making 8K movie editing a reality

8K movie is the next big thing and an announcement by RED and NVIDIA is making editing such movies a reality. The partners have introduced the NVIDIA CUDA-accelerated REDCODE RAW decode SDK that gives software developers and studios a powerful new way to work with 8K video.What of importance to video editors is making 4K post-production more flexible. “Overshooting” resolution lets creators do more with their footage such as stabilise, pan, crop, and zoom in on the best parts of a shot. Compositors can benefit from more precise masks for keying and image tracking.

Just downsampling from 8K to 4K reduces artifacts, such as noise, and produces higher quality visuals. 8K is exactly four times the size of 4K, making the operation much simpler.

As 8K production has increased, the need for massive CPU processing power or single-purpose hardware such as the RED ROCKET-X puts it beyond reach for most content creators.

In August, NVIDIA and RED announced at SIGGRAPH an initiative to accelerate 8K video processing by offloading the compute-intensive decoding and debayering of REDCODE RAW footage onto a single NVIDIA GPU.

This 8K performance is now available with NVIDIA Titan RTX or GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GPUs so editors can choose the right tools for their budget or shooting location.

Te acceleration is not limited to 8K as the new SDK runs across a variety of legacy GeForce, Titan and Quadro desktop and notebook GPUs, benefiting 4K, 5K and 6K workflows as well.

Released RED R3D SDK and REDCINE-X PRO software should be available by end Q1 2019.  Beta versions of the SDK have been made available to major third parties to support integration.