Sintrones launches edge AI computing solution

Sintrones has launched the EBOX-7000 edge AI GPU computing solution for factory automation and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) control systems in large-scale processes such as manufacturing and mining.

Powered by Intel CPU, it comes with six RJ45 GbE and two LTE SIM card sockets with automatic SIM card detection, supporting both 5G and LTE standard for wireless network performance. Its removable hard disk drive can be used as a portable hard drive with USB port and power connector.

The EBOX-7000 is expandable with NVIDIA Tesla accelerator, NVIDIA GPU, Nvme card, image capture card, and I/O card. It can be used in edge AI enhancements, intelligent video analytics AI Video analysis, IIoT, traffic management and machine vision.

high temperature tolerance

Environmental tolerance is high with the device able to function across a wide range of operating temperatures — from -40°C to 70°C — in extreme and rugged conditions.

SINSmart provides reliable monitoring of network-connected remote power control devices, power over Ethernet (PoE) switches and UPS for power management. It has remote monitoring of voltage, UPS delay setup and digital, IO/WDT/System temperature control.

This feature supports edge AI GPU computing with reliable remote connectivity. It has automatic recovery short circuit protection and vehicle power ignition for variety vehicles. Includes an optional battery backup kit, for continuous operations, providing an extra 10 minutes after power drain or failure of the main power source to increase the reliability of the system.