1st impression matters lots in online experience

When delivering online experience, organisations have little room for failure as people tend to have a low tolerance for difficulty in registering or logging in to access services.

According to a ForgeRock survey, nearly half of consumers (46 percent) would not register for a new account if it was too difficult to sign up, and 35 percent will cancel or delete an app if they have log-in problems. What’s worst is that 32 percent will turn to a competing service as a result of their bad experience.

Entltled The New Normal – Living Life Online, the study polled 5,000 consumers in five countires — Australia, Germany, Singapore, the UK, and the US. It was aimed at understanding consumer preferences when it comes to online experiences, including how they log in and what app features they value most. The report also uncovered the price for falling short on delivering digital experiences.

Almost three quarters (72 percent) of respodents are more worked up when locked out of accounts than forgetting their mask at home (44 percent) or not finding toilet paper at the store (51 percent).

Consumers (57 percent) also prefer passwordless options such as biometrics or multi-factor authentication compared to traditional username and password for logging in.

“With consumers continuing to spend more of their lives online for the foreseeable future, it’s imperative that organisations simplify how consumers sign up, log in and engage with their apps and digital services,” said Ben Goodman, SVP of Global Business and Corporate Development at ForgeRock.

“Consumer identity is at the heart of any digital experience. By putting identity at the centre of the digital relationship, organisations can provide better and more secure access for consumers,” he added.