LG unveils 2nd gen service robot

LG has launched its second-generation LG CLOi GuideBot multi-purpose customer service robot in Singapore.

The autonomous robot is designed to provide wayfinding, enhance security and create advertising opportunities for customers.

It is suitable for deployment in commercial and public spaces such as hotels, retail, offices, educational institutions, and hospitals. Customers can gain insight from data collected to improve service delivery and experience.

The 1.5-metre tall LG CLOi GuideBot has a friendly digital face and is equipped with a high-quality microphone and 3D camera for responsive voice activation and interaction.

Through the 27-inch LG touchscreens on the front and back of its body, customers can display interactive and static digital content, such as menus, maps and videos. An escort mode lets the robot display directions with estimated distance and travel time.

Fifteen bottom sensors, such as ToF, magnetic and bumper sensors, ensure safe navigation by detecting and avoiding obstacles and impact/danger zones.

Travelling at a speed of one-metre per second, the LG CLOi GuideBot is programmed for secure navigation and responds promptly to foot traffic. It is also approved to operate safely on elevators and around automatic doors.

The robot can perform security tasks such as patrolling a pre-set route and taking pictures and recording videos along the way. Content captured will be saved in the main body and can be monitored remotely. The robot will issue an alert should any problem occur.

The LG CLOi GuideBot can operate for up to nine hours continuously.

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