New hybris Commerce Suite powers all channels from a single commerce platform

hybris storeThe latest major release of the hybris Commerce Suite is touted as the first commerce platform to give B2B and B2C organisations true omni-channel capabilities on a single technology stack.

With new functionality to support the cross-channel consumer and in-store business tools to manage functions such as “buy online, pick up in store”, businesses can now design, develop and deploy advanced commerce solutions more quickly and over more channels than ever before.

“Retailers, brands and manufacturers are racing to meet the increasing demands of the modern consumer. Businesses need to have systems that allow them to innovate faster. With the hybris Commerce Suite, implementing an omni-channel vision is no longer a multi-year process for B2C and B2B businesses,” said Ariel Luedi, CEO of hybris. “It is now within the realm of possibility for them to set up a true omni-channel commerce platform in under six months.”

Key to enabling businesses to connect all channels are new capabilities available in the latest release of the hybris Commerce Suite, such as hybris Order Management Services for OmniCommerce and the hybris InStore Module. With hybris’ Commerce Suite, businesses can now:

  • Support cross-channel customer journeys with ease – hybris Order Management Services (hybris OMS) for OmniCommerce extend hybris’ Order Management capabilities by enabling businesses to easily support any fulfillment process that goes across multiple channels. The services provide a single view of inventory across the entire estate, sourcing and allocation functionality to optimise fulfillment processes, and pick, pack and ship capability to support the operational processes in-store. This ensures a convenient omni-channel shopping experience for customers while reducing operational costs for businesses.
  • Connect digital and physical locations, product data and inventory – The hybris InStore Module extends the cross-channel user experience, enabling brick and mortar stores to benefit from the product data and business process support offered by hybris. When shopping online consumers have a level of expectation for certain experiences like easily finding products and access to ratings and reviews. With hybris InStore, an intuitive, tablet-optimised UI empowers store associates to offer many online experiences in-store and to create a stunning shopping experience for customers. The UI includes QR-Code reading as well as NFC capabilities, shows stock levels across the entire organisation, and displays rich product information to better enable store associates to help customers choose the right products.
  • Create business user tooling that fits – hybris is the first platform that enables organisations to design business tooling that matches their unique needs. Not all organizations define the tasks of the various roles of their staffs the same way, and innovative organisations may shift these responsibilities as they grow and change. hybris introduces the Next Generation Cockpit – a widget-based framework that enables developers to easily create business tools customized for specific organizational roles. With business tooling that is tailor-made, organisations can more effectively manage the user experience across multiple channels from a single place, drive greater ROI, and optimise business processes.
  • Quickly develop and deploy mobile commerce apps – With native Mobile App SDKs for iOS and Android, businesses can build out a complete and fully integrated mobile shopping experience via an exciting feature rich application. The Mobile App SDKs include pre-designed mobile storefront templates that include capabilities such as QR code scanning, NFC tag recognition, customer management, mobile search and check-out out of the box. The Mobile Apps SDKs complement existing device optimized mobile browsing capabilities and a fully functioning mobile storefront already available in the hybris Commerce Accelerator.
  • Access ready-to-use plug-ins to social media – Through a easy-to-use set of web content management components, hybris customers can now drive sales through Pin This/Like/Tweet content syndication and begin building community engagement functionality through Facebook Comments.
  • Reduce time to innovation – All of the latest innovations come fully integrated with the hybris Commerce Accelerator, hybris’ solution which allows B2C and B2B businesses to quickly deploy commerce capabilities across all channels including web, mobile, call center and now in-store. With pre-built customizable storefronts, key third-party integrations, built-in support for multi-language and multi-currency, and native integration to print capabilities, businesses can be live with true omni-channel commerce across the globe in under six months.


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