NVIDIA announces EGX edge supercomputing platform for AI, IoT and 5G

NVIDIA has announced the NVIDIA EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform which lets organisations deliver next-generation AI, IoT and 5G-based services at scale and with low latency. Along with annoucing this at his keynote address at the opening of Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles, NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang declared that we have entered a new era, where billions of always-on IoT sensors will be connected by 5G and processed by AI.

The new high-performance, cloud-native platform combines NVIDIA CUDA-X software with NVIDIA-certified GPU servers and devices.

Early adopters include BMW, Procter & Gamble, NTT East, Samsung Electronics and Walmart, as well as the cities of Las Vegas and San Francisco.

“We’ve created the NVIDIA EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform for this world, where computing moves beyond personal and beyond the cloud to operate at planetary scale,” said Huang.

The EGX platform features software to support a wide range of applications, including NVIDIA Metropolis, which can be used to build smart cities and intelligent video analytics applications, as well as the NVIDIA Aerial software developer kit.

Aerial allows telcos to build completely virtualised 5G radio access networks that are highly programmable, scalable and energy efficient, and can ultimately enable them to offer new services such as smart factories, AR/VR and cloud gaming.

Samsung Electronics is using AI at the edge for highly complex semiconductor design and manufacturing processes.

“Samsung has been an early adopter of both GPU computing and AI from the beginning.  NVIDIA’s EGX platform helps us to extend these manufacturing and design applications smoothly onto our factory floors,” said Charlie Bae, Executive Vice President of Foundry Sales and Marketing at Samsung Electronics.

Japanese telecom services giant NTT East is using EGX in its data centres to develop new AI-powered services in remote areas through its broadband access network.

Using the power of the EGX platform, NTT East will provide remote populations the computing power and connectivity required to build and deploy a wide range of AI applications at the edge.

Ericsson, Microsoft and Red Hat are among more than 100 technology companies worldwide that are part of the NVIDIA EGX ecosystem.